Primary 5 Lesson 12 Homework

Last year I was released from the Primary Presidency and was called to teach the Valiant 8 & 9 year old class. When I knew that we would be released I really didn’t want to teach a Primary class, but one day (as I was probably praying that I wouldn’t get called to teach) I had a feeling, a thought, come to mind. It was kind of a ‘get over yourself’ type of feeling, but then the thought “If you don’t teach them, who will” came into my mind. I heeded the prompting, and got over myself, and became excited that I might possibly teach the 8 & 9 year old class (which consisted of 9 boys). A couple weeks later, I received the call. Teaching these wonderful (and a bit crazy) boys has been a great experience. It wasn’t always easy, there were a few Sundays where I was very frustrated and felt like I accomplished absolutely nothing, but I have enjoyed teaching them, and now I am excited to teach a new group of children.

Last summer, I started creating Scripture Reading Cards for the boys to take home. I noticed that if I gave them a card with specific verses for each day, rather than a whole chapter or 2 to read that week, then they were more likely to take the time to read those verses . I had several boys come back each week with their cards filled or almost filled. This year, I decided to do this again, and share them with all of you!

Each card includes 5 scripture references that the children can read. I like to have them read  the scriptures for the upcoming lesson, but you can have them review the lesson by reading the scripture references for the lesson that you taught.

Last year I asked my class to read at least 4 days. If they brought their card back I usually gave them a little treat. This year I’m not sure what I’ll do.



I have created 2 sheets of Scripture Reading Cards for you to use (lessons 1-12). I went through each lesson, and chose 5 scripture references from each of the lessons. There are quite a few lessons that asked the teachers to help the children memorize an Article of Faith, so I decided to add those to the cards as well.

Just print and cut each of the cards using the link below. Punch a hole in one corner, and place the cards on a ring. I couldn’t find my rings, so I added a brad to mine.

Hand each of the children their own pack of Primary 5 Scripture Reading Cards, and have them keep them in their scriptures or church bag. Ask them to read throughout the week, and bring the cards back each Sunday.

I will continue working on the remaining lessons, but I wanted to share these for anyone that would like to use them this year.


Click HERE to print my Primary 5 Scripture Reading Cards: Lessons 1-12 


Click HERE to print my Primary 5 Scripture Reading Cards: Lessons 13-24


Click HERE to print my Primary 5 Scripture Reading Cards: Lesson 25-46!


Do you teach a Primary class? What have you found that really helps the children to learn? Do you have a favorite activity or game? I would love to hear, so leave me a comment letting me know.

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